Abraham's Voices

Lorraine Healy Abraham's Voices CoverLorraine Healy Abraham's Voices Back

My newest chapbook, "Abraham's Voices", has just been published by World Enough Writers Press. This small book is a collection of ten poems with some of my original photography. If you would like to purchase a copy ($10 +$2 S&H), send me an email through the Contact tab. Thanks!


All of the artwork is a combination of my own digital and film photographs, with the exception of the Hebrew parchment underlying the photograph of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar on the cover (it’s a copy of the earliest extant form of Hebrew script, which I found on the Internet). The photographs of Sumerian artifacts were taken at the Musée du Louvre, Paris, and the ones of religious statuary at the Chartres and Rouen Cathedrals, France, in January 2012. For reasons of printing and costs, the artwork in the "Abraham's Voices" chapbook was converted to B&W.