Really happy with my newest book, 96 pages of images from my trip to Morocco, taken with my iPhone and just one application: Hipstamatic's OGGL. Also available as an eBook pdf. Check it out on Blurb, you can take an in-depth look and then decide!

Morocco & iPhone

Lorrain Healy Morocco

Lorraine's eBook on the Holga camera, "Tricks With A Plastic Wonder," is now available on A print edition will be available in a few months.

An in-depth exploration of the Holga plastic camera, this comprehensive guide by long-time analog photographer Lorraine Healy cuts down on anyone's learning curve on mastering the secrets of "toy" camera photography. For the digital photographer wanting to discover the magic of film as well as for "plastic wonder" fanatics looking for detailed techniques to produce experimental, wacky or ethereal masterpieces.

Available on Amazon!


Tricks With A Plastic Wonder

Lorraine Healy


My book The Habit of Buenos Aires, winner of the 2009 Patricia Bibby First Book Award from Tebot Bach, is coming out the first week of April—we’re still not 100% sure what the cover will look like, but possibly something like this.

Get copy at a Lorraine Healy reading - check Events page for next reading. Or get it from ($15).

The Habit of Buenos Aires

Lorraine Healy The Habit of Buenos Aires